Monday, May 14

Rosnaree Vintage Fair

Yesterday we had a fabulous day out at 
The Rosnaree Vintage Fair In Slane co Meath 
Many Country Houses attempt different this kind of event
Some are more successful than others
Rosnaree hit the nail on the head
This was a great family day out 
Admission was reasonable €10 for a family
Food was great 
There was wood oven pizza

and the most incredible spread from 
It is definitely on my To Do list to pay them a visit in Drogheda 

Baxter You are coming home with ME!

As well as great food, there were lots of activities for the kids 
Piles of Hay to throw about (a simple but genius idea that the kids loved)

A gypsy caravan

Shetland Pony rides

Pony and Trap rides

So the kids were busy while Mum looked at 
fantastic vintage clothing
and it must be noted that this really was VINTAGE
NOT a bring and buy sale and NOT new and NOT rubbish 
A friend nabbed an incredible silk printed Jean Muir dress
for €70
there were also great paintings, furniture, china

This Victorian tea set really pulled at my purse strings 

I loved this guy who greeted us on the way in to the house 

I also met many, many old friends 
Including the Indomitable Emily from Loughcrew 

If you haven't been to the Loughcrew  Opera 
It is on this July 20th and 21st
I highly recommend it 
a great evening out ! 

Also ran into Petria from Dolls (one of my favourite Dublin shops and cafes) 

Petria (left) and friend looking incredibly dapper

and I had serious Wisteria envy 

It's becoming a problem 
is I think the Latin name 

I purchased this adorable shirt for my smallest of men 

when we arrived home the same little man ate 2 boiled eggs in a row with his new friend
...... he has Never eaten a boiled egg before !

vintage egg cup €2

So well done Rosnaree ! 
All in all a perfect day out 
well planned and reasonably priced
I look forward to next year 


  1. What a great day. I almost went too!! But was too cold :S

    I have Brown Hound envy

  2. would've been so lovely to see you there
    I am def making a trip to Brown Hound Lets meet there!

  3. Hello Helen
    What a great day and so much to do for all ages. The dishes are beautiful, did you buy them?
    The children look so happy pony riding. The baked goods are most tempting.
    Thanks for sharing
    Helen xx



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