Monday, May 7

Etsy Home Accessories

I am doing some home improvements at the moment 
for 2 upcoming events, (more of which later)
I seem to have too much furniture and not enough accessories
Not a bad complaint I guess
and likely a symptom of having moved thousands of miles twice 
in the last 2 years, all unnecessary extras- gone
Anyway I am in the market for some new rugs and cushions 
caught my eye on Etsy 
These are a little out of my price range though 

Also liked these Kilim cushions

and these Suzani Pillows

particularly like the colour and texture of this bottom one
that one might be going in my basket

while searching I came across this seller

who had some very interesting pieces
although some of it is a bit out there for me 
I do like the idea of 
covering dining chairs in floral fabric
edit - see a how to post here 
appliqueing a pattern onto a plain background
in fact I have a chair in need of repair that might just get this treatment


  1. gorgeous rugs. I too wish I could afford. lovely blog

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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