Thursday, September 3

Lucinda Chambers

So, all of the shoots from British Vogue by Javier Vallhonrat (see previous post) were styled by Lucinda Chambers. Lucinda is fashion director at British Vogue and also creative director for Marni. You can definitely see a Marni influence in the photos. The styling has that bohemian feeling... a very refined bohemian that is! There is a great article over on The Guardian/Observer website about the increasingly important role of stylists and Lucinda is interviewed. I love this passage about inspiration:

'A collection can start with anything,' she says. 'The last one started with a belt. It was an old belt with chains and gold. Everything was based around this belt.' She found it in Portobello market, and knew it was a good find the minute she saw it. 'It can be anything, from pieces of old fabric to a pair of clogs, bedspreads, pencil sharpenings.'

Pencil Sharpenings! They never looked so good! I find peoples inspiration so interesting. I love looking at Artists and Designers inspiration walls, The Selby is great for that. Also The Sartorialist has done some recent posts about books that have influenced him which give a little insight into his creative process.
Do you have any thoughts ? Where do you go for inspiration?

Photo of Lucinda Chambers courtesy of The Rug Company

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