Sunday, September 6

Saipua's Enchanting Flowers

In another life I would I have been a florist. If I had, I could only aspire to create anything as beautiful as the flowers from Saipua. Created by owners Sarah and Eric and based in Brooklyn, NY, Saipua have recently moved to new premises. The new store is lined in weathered wood, a beautiful backdrop for all the beautiful blooms.
There are many florists online and an abundance of pretty bouquets but there is something about Saipua's that I just find so inspiring, they have a freshness and spontaneity which really appeals to me.

Is it the breathtaking colour combinations?

The perfection of each individual flower ?

Or the variety of blooms combined in one bouquet?

There is an informality, a whimsical playfulness about them. You can appreciate each single blossom, but together they are a sweet chorus of delicate beauty. Sarah favours blooms such as Peonies, Anemone, Roses and Ranunculus with a scattering of Clematis, Nigella, Dahlia's and Jasmine all offset with the dusty silver foliage from Eucalyptus. I also love that Sarah uses berries and seed pods which give such an interesting texture. I just wish we could partake of what must be intoxicating perfumes from beyond the screen.

Sarah also has a great blog, and does an inspiring section over on Design*Sponge called Weeders Digest with very useful DIY tips about arranging posies and tips for brides.

I have used Saipua flowers in an inspiration board for the new line of headpieces I am working on, can you spot them?
All images courtesy of Saipua, except for the last one of my story board which includes images from Saipua, Vogue, World of Interiors and Martha Stewart weddings


  1. How absolutely perfect! I love that they look as though they have been plucked from a very well tended garden rather than from the center of a wedding table. I always find it difficult to find florists that I like, thank you so much for the tip!

  2. Beautiful..such an inspiration... a great eye for colour!!! Keep it up..



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