Tuesday, September 22

Red Hot

Are you "Feeeling" red hair, like me!

.....Is it Jane from sea of shoes, who just went red.

  image from seaofshoes
 Or Joan from Mad Men, - just finished watching season 1 and 2 in a box set marathon!

Maybe it's Grace Coddington, - saw "The September Issue" today, the word Noble comes to mind to describe her!

image from gawker no credit listed

Or possibly its Dame Vivienne Westwood, - new "Red" collection now up on style.com,  don't some people just get better with age.

photograph by Graeme Robertson for The Guardian

 Or it could be French designer Sonia Rykiel, whose blog Rykielles I was just looking at after Garance Dore posted about being invited to her showroom!

image from Flickr

Again red on an older woman is just so chic, no? 

I was red about 10yrs ago when my first son was born, after a disasterous home dye job, think greenish instead of platinum, red was the cover up.

sorry about really bad 10yr old polaroid image.

Maybe its time to crack open the hair dye once more.


  1. You have absolutely inspired me! As a brunette I have never considered red before but I have to admit it's on my mind now...



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