Saturday, January 16

Are you talented?

You have, no doubt, heard of the awful tragedy in Haiti.  
Myself and some other Irish designers are organising an online auction to raise funds.

We have lots of ideas and some amazing things already donated, but thought I would ask you my talented readers for input, any original thoughts ?.
Donations will be accepted in Bow boutique, Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2 (you can post them too) up until
Tue, Jan 26th

Auction will be live
Thurs Jan 28th (I'll post when it's up with a link)

We have set up a Facebook page called Talent for Haiti with details and updates.

You can contact me with any questions either here, in the comments section, or email me at
If you could pass on the word we would really appreciate it.

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  1. Hats off to you, Helen! I think it's so inspiring that so many people are coming up with creative ideas to gather support for the people of Haiti. If you haven't heard of them yet, you might want to check out Craft Hope For Haiti (my latest post describes their efforts to support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti). I think an auction is a great idea! I wish you well in your most worthy efforts!
    Frank @ abodewell

  2. hi helen,
    im a jewellery designer would love to donate stuff for event?? what are you looking for? how much etc??? would love to contribute. can reply ere or my email is thanks

  3. Thank you Abodewell, I checked that out (and your candle holder is beautiful) It is a great initiative. Yes this crisis does seem to be bringing people together to try and help in whatever way they can.
    Lisa Dora Yes! Thank you , we are looking for anything we can sell on EBAY, some of your beauiful jewellry would be so much appreciated. If you are in Dublin you can drop it into BOW in powerscourt otherwise if yu could post it to arrive before Tuesday 26th.
    Talent for Haiti,
    C/o Bow boutique,
    Powerscourt Townhouse,
    Dublin 2.
    Can you include the regular retail price and Thank you so much

  4. It is a great initiative!

    I design hats/headpieces and I would love to donate some of them as well. I will bring them to the Bow boutique.



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