Monday, January 4

Axel Geis

I often feel like packing in the world of Fashion ............. I dream of cooking, gardening, painting or travelling, then I will see something and a feeling will overwhelm me and I cannot rest until I have retreated to the studio to begin work on a new dress, jacket, headpiece or whatever it is that bubbling  up inside.
That is how I felt when I saw these images on Nomenus quarterly


all images nomenusquarterly

There is a subtle elegance and timelessness to them. The ladies look confident and yet somehow also vulnerable.
The colour palettes in these two are sublime 


 images from myartspace

To read an intersting and witty interview with Berlin based Axel Geis go to myartspace


  1. I esp like the one of the nurse...
    Your headpieces are stunningly beautiful!

  2. Helen the Nomenus link does not work.

  3. Thank you LA I have fixed it, and you should definitely check it out , incredible x

  4. Indeed all of his subjects exude good taste.
    I love that Mr.Geis works with a subtle palette and in Berlin too.

  5. Beautiful paintings. These remind me of the early work of Andrew Wyeth. Thanks for sharing these. So nice to be reminded that there is such beauty in the world.



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