Monday, January 11

Miller Harris perfume

Yesterday a birthday present for a special friend arrived, it was an engraved bottle of Miller Harris perfume.
I fell in love with MIller Harris products when I showed my collection in The Soho Hotel in London and Miller Harris supplied the bathroom products.
The packaging is sublime each bottle is engraved with the signature pattern and the perfume is simply exquisite.

Founded by Lynn Harris in 2000 who wanted to bring together "the finest raw materials with the instinct of a true perfumer".
There are four groups of perfumes to choose from
Wood, Floral

Citrus and Oriental,

I like the sound of Terre de Bois, Fleur Oriental and Vetiver Bourbon, I have always preferred scents with a woody undertone. I would Love to order from their bespoke service where you get to create your own personal scent, how decadent is that!!

They also do incredible candles.
There are 3 Miller Harris shops in London and one in Paris, they are also stocked in a lot of the bigger department stores and luckily you can order online too either from their UK site or their US one.

all images from Miller Harris
just in case any of you are wondering I post about things I love and don't receive any incentives to do so  x 



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