Saturday, January 23

Cake Sale

carrot cupcakes just out of the oven
Yesterday we organised a bake sale in my house with the Mums from my kids school.
So, after a busy week, I returned from Dublin on Thursday and turned my Kitchen into a Cupcake factory.

Magnolia bakery Vanilla Cupcakes (back) and Martha Stewart Carrot Cupcakes (front)

Then yesterday morning I dusted off the china teasets and set the table.

magnolia cafe vanilla cupcakes on cake stand 

Everyone brought something

I was too slow to snag Vanessa's Lemon cake.......... but I did manage to grab some of these yummy chocolate goodies.

We drank Tea and ate cake for 3 hours!

and we managed to raise €346 for Haiti...........  I cannot think of a nicer way to do so,

Oh! ......Just in case any of you were wondering what a 10 month old looks like with a mouth full of cake, here is some photographic evidence


For the Magnolia Bakery recipe you can go Here
For the BEST Carrot Cupcakes go Here.......I highly recommend these.... 
PS: I halve the quantity of icing/frosting in both recipes

all photographs by Helen James


  1. It was I who nabbed Vanessa's lemon and poppy seed cake, and a banana cake, and a healthy date and walnut cake and Helen's delicious dark chocolates. I felt morally obliged to be as greedy as possible - owing to the good cause and the failure to cook and donate a cake myself(I've only made 2 cakes in my life and they were barely edible).

  2. I who have eaten one of aformentioned "barely edible" 2 cakes beg to differ..... and we needed buyers for it to be a success and I believe you were the star customer! BTW those scrummy chocolates were not made by my fair hand but Siobhans. x

  3. looks just as lovely as it was...thanks to the refined china and splendid surroundings x

  4. Helen,

    I cannot think of a better reason for a tea party. What a sweetly thrilling idea with consequences lasting far beyond the day.

  5. Beautiful tea party. Congratulations on a successful fundraiser for a wonderful cause. Thanks for remembering Haiti

  6. What a lovely post. I have to say, I don't know what looks more delicious - the cakes or your baby's chubby cheeks!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful and inspiring way to help the Haitian people! It also looks like it tasted really, really good. (Cupcakes are my weakness).

    Just in case you're interested, for the months of Jan & Feb, I'll be donating a portion of my Etsy Shop sales to the organization, Doctors Without Borders, to assist them in getting medical care and supplies to Haiti. If you could spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you could post a cupcake recipe that wouldn't hurt either ;) Thanks again for such a wonderful blog (beautiful photos, by the way. I'm getting hungry...)

  8. Oh Helen...I adore Magnolia Bakery...thank you for the little reminder!! Yummmmmm. What a fab idea-bake for haiti-well done!!! Imen x



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