Friday, March 26


 photo by Helen James

 "Life is like a new hat. 
You don't know if it suits you
if you keep trying it on
in front of your own mirror."  
Shirley McLaine.

If you missed it yesterday you must head over to Showstudio to watch Philip Treacy create a unique Hat which was live-streamed.
Watchers were invited to submit questions. 
Philip's candour and generosity are astounding. 
Have a great weekend and don't forget to wear your hat.


  1. Such a disappointment, went to link and couldn't watch it. I think they are editing it. this most have been amazing to watch. His an amazing milliner.
    Such a shame.....will have to wait i suppose!

  2. It will be up in the next day or two I believe x

  3. These images are so stunning! Can I ask how you get that photo effect? Would love to learn!!!! If you have a minute, would be so grateful for an email.

  4. I have a special hat planned for Easter, with ears.
    Enjoy, and hats off to you!



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