Sunday, March 7

HJD Recommendations: Tim Ryan and Estee Lauder Night Repair

This blog is about things that inspire me and about things that I love, so I thought I would let you know about some of my favourite things. The things I cannot do without. 
Call them recommendations if you will, Yes, HJD  Recommendations. 
I would like to state that I am recommending things that I love and I have not received any product or payment of any kind.
First up is a product that changed my skin! 
I had heard a lot about it and read many testaments to its power and finally I decided to indulge and try it out for myself.
My first bottle was bought the day before Fashion Week , A/W 2007. 
Always an exciting and busy time, when your months of hard work are finally unveiled to your clients. I had spent the day preparing the Hotel room where I was showing the collection, hanging, steaming, fluffing and flouncing.  
After dinner I sat up with the remarkably talented Mr Tim Ryan, drinking tea, as I handstitched the final touches to a silken gown and Tim crocheted the collar of a delectable cardigan.
We chatted about life, love and the state of Fashion!

Tim Ryan knitwear photographs by David Timmons  

Before we knew it the night had slipped away and there were far too few hours left before our first appointments arrived. 
As I prepared for my bed I remembered my new brown bottle,  Estee Lauder Night Repair.


I slapped some on and retired. When I awoke.......what seemed like moments later, I padded barefoot to the bathroom to see the damage of such a swift slumber.

I glanced in the mirror, only to find that my skin glowed...... no really, it looked better than 30 litres of water and 40 hours sleep! 
I was hooked and have been ever since. 
I can also say that with extended use you really notice the difference.
I do not buy a lot of fancy skincare products and potions but this one which costs about  €50 a bottle and lasts me about 3 months is honestly, in my opinion, worth it.
I have since gone on, to also become slightly addicted to their Daywear plus Moisturiser!  


  1. 3 years later and we could still stay up all night chatting/crying in tears of laughter about the STATE of fashion...

    Love Advanced Night Repair too!!

  2. That's quite an endorsement; I might have to give it a go, though I'm not sure I'd manage a partially sleepless night to see whether it worked. If I sleep 8 hours, will I awake doubly radiant?

  3. SS- HAha Yes, tears of laughter and frustration!!

    Mise- LOL YES it works even better if you get the full nights sleep! Do Let me know if you try it. x



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