Wednesday, March 3

Wendy Bevan and The Fashionternet


Why is it that as digital photography progresses and produces sharper and more vivid images, what becomes appealing are ones that are blurred and faded.

All images Wendy Bevan 

I would like to hang any one of these on my wall.
I do believe that as the world of Fashion changes, with the acceleration of the internet as the heralder of Next seasons "big thing" so magazines will have to change.
No longer does the consumer wait for the September Issue to see the Fall collections, she has already seen the show livestreamed from the Brands website: Prada  
Had all the trends twittered to her by Cathy Horyn, Kiki Georgiou or Liberty London Girl.
Seen how the Fashion crowd have interpreted it, (trends begin to filter through editors and stylists attending the shows, moments after it ends) via The sartorialist or Garance Dore.
So the role of the magazine will have to adapt and evolve.  One thing that I believe will have to happen is that they will become more experimental and daring with their photo shoots. The consumer will buy the magazine because she wants to pore over the images, rip them out, stick them on her wall........... just like this one.

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  1. Yes I agree!!! I want fabulous magazines to rip them apart!

    Great images Wendy B. is one of the BEST photographers on this planet!



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