Friday, March 5

Helen James by Simon Watson



Some images from one of the very first photo shoots I ever did..... what could now be considered Vintage Helen James
All photos by the extremely talented Simon Watson


  1. Helen- these are lovely and the photography is too. Love the styling, which I am sure you did as well.

  2. I want the dress in the top image! And the scarf in the second - beautiful! How lovely to have such an impressive archive to look back on... you must be so proud looking at these now with a little distance.

  3. Thanks LA and Jane, Yes it seems that the photographs do become the archive as often the samples have long gone........sold to buy a bolt of fabric for the next collection ! I wish I had a record of everything I have done, but alas much is gone. These scarves were all printed by me with my own textile designs, these are the only record I have of them but hey, at least I have these x x



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