Thursday, April 1

Elana Herzog

 Detail of above

As some of you may know I originally trained as a textile designer
It was later that I moved into Accessories and clothing
These pieces spoke to the textile corner of me
Old bedspreads transformed  into works of Art
Here are the words of the Artist

For the past ten years I’ve made most of my work by stapling found textiles—often bedspreads and carpets—to the walls using thousands of metal staples. Parts of the fabric and the staples are then removed and sometimes reapplied, leaving a residue of shredded fabric and perforated wall surface in some areas, and densely stapled and built-up areas elsewhere.

I recommend you scroll back up and study them again
they are better on second or third viewing
To see more go to her website


  1. Thank You P T & Edward you also have a wonderful blog. x

  2. I about died looking at this! They are absolutely fantastic! Where did you find them?

  3. dwellinganddesign, I am afraid I have a blank as to where I first came across her incredible work , her website was lurking in my bookmarks, if I come across it I will post it here. There is a link to her site if you would like to see more of her work Thanks for stopping by x



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