Friday, April 23

The New Anthropologie Store

As I mentioned in an earlier post last week I went to the opening of the new
Anthropologie store in Chelsea, NY.

It was full of all the Anthropologie goodies 

I loved the paper sculptures in the window display
What a great colour palette

and these fabric swatches pinned to the wall

I want to do this in my home

Also loved this display boat

and the sentiment.........

destination unknown

It got me thinking.....
especially as I am in New York City
Everyone is so busy.
Everyone is going somewhere.... quickly
We forget to
So this weekend, don't get caught up in running all those errands that
need to be done.
Take an hour or two
to walk home the long way.
To explore a new street.
If you are always looking down
Look up
 Tear up your map
disconnect your GPS
and have a great weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Love those fabric swatches on the wall too... great idea. I love to wander here and don't do it enough anymore- just to walk and not have specific route or destination in mind. It's a good thing to do and to look up every once in a while too. We don't look up enough...



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