Friday, April 9

New York New York

Tomorrow, I will be boarding an aerplane to my beloved NYC, where I previously lived for 10 years.
I will be there for a month working on an exciting project .......(more on that at a later date)
Here are just some of the things I am looking forward to doing/seeing while I am there.

American Women, Fashioning a National Identity 

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge again
The Artist is present
An evening of culinary delight at
recommended by Liberty London girl

and seeing old friends
  photo by Irving Penn

I will of course be keeping you all up to date with my travels and experiences.
Would love to hear if you have any other recommendations?


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  2. I will missssssssssssssssssss you!!! have a great time...great post ...Love your old friends!!

  3. I lived there for over twenty years, and Have not been back since we moved to France. I envy you. I miss the dynamic charge and sparkle. All the best with your project. I look forward to hearing all about your working vacation.


  4. Ok let's try again...sorry about that!
    Beautiful post!
    Highly Recommend: Ippudo Ramen on 4th avenue and 12th street.
    Have a great trip. You deserve it! And can't wait to hear all about your projects too!! xoxo

    This is a unique place. I suggest getting there early around 11.30 and be on time for lunch - great people/star watching -unsure if they take reservations. Good strolling district



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