Tuesday, April 6

Magnificent Irish Fashion

This incredible fashion shoot was created by Stylist Jan Brierton and Photographer Lorna Fitzsimons

Here are some interesting facts about this shoot 

1 Most of the pieces created are by Irish designers 
Aine Mcdonnell
and me:  Helen James

2 The shoot was styled and shot and sent out to major newspapers and magazines in Ireland

3 It was never published................................

Why? Why was this innovative and remarkable shoot, that celebrates the talent in this country,  never used.
You would think that with tight budgets Periodicals would jump at the chance to publish these images that are handed to them on a platter!
I do not understand
Maybe one of you; my readers, know why
Maybe one of you works in the print industry here and you can explain why these pictures which are magnificent and extol the work being created here have never before seen the light of day.

UPDATE: After the incredible response to these images publishing them may be pursued once more.
I will keep you updated and thanks for all your encouraging words.

Photographer Lorna Fitzsimons
Stylist Jan Brierton
Stylists assistant was Tara Walsh
Hair  Noel Sutton
Make up Natalie Kinsella


  1. Absolutely stunning. Unbelievable that we haven't been able to see this in print here.

  2. so beautiful beautiful beautiful ... MUST get sent to the mags again.

  3. no cleavage or legs in sight.. that could be the reason!

  4. depending on the mags-maybe too artistically presented. which is why I love them-they are in the exact mold of the Ackerman or French fashion illus. I think they are absolutely brilliant! pgt

  5. Beautiful layout, an exquisite delight for the eyes.

  6. thank you everyone for the positive feed back, and thank you helen for the rant!!!
    much love

  7. I am so glad these amazing images finally got an airing and to such an appreciative audience! I knew you guys would love them x

  8. It's all in the stance. Magnificent. In agreement with SS on the absence of cleavage and legs.

  9. I cannot explain. I can only say boo to them and yay to you for sharing!

  10. I was at the Louver with a friend in search of Greek early classical geometric figural terracottas. we found them, small and exquisite, they looked like they were wearing tiny Fortuny gowns(of course they were the original source of his inspiration). The fabulous styling of this fashion spread reminds me of these exquisite, and timeless sculptures. I understand when things are too sophisticated, and innovative Many people do not get it. Do not give up, this is really good.

  11. Thank you all, Debra lovely comparison, and you are right we must not give up......

  12. I agree with all of the above these are beautifully. The mind boggles!

  13. excellent. and lovely, fantastic work. Sorry I am leaving Ireland!

  14. It's a shame. These are beautiful clothes, exquisitely photographed, and a credit to everyone involved. That last ensemble in grey is a wonder. If I saw any of these on an Irish magazine cover I'd buy it like a shot.

  15. Beauty, style, elegance. This shoot deserves to be on the cover of Vogue

  16. oh everything is so perfect, absolutly breathtaking... unbelievable it's never published, if it does and it should i would love to have a copy.



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