Tuesday, December 29

Tag I'm it

I was honoured to be tagged by the ever inspirational Errant Aesthete, a daily source of insight and delight.
How it works
I must divulge 10 things about myself
I must Tag 7 other blogs

So, here goes.....

Chinese embroidered panel from Marla Mallet

I grew up on the grounds of A Museum of Oriental Art and Textiles, where my Father worked. I am sure seeing these ancient works of Art daily, inspired my love and obsession with textiles and is what lead me to study this at Art College.

I love to cook and in particular to bake, I read cookbooks like most people read a novel.
I make bread, cakes or cookies almost every other day, but am also partial to chutneys, Roast dinners and curries. I see it as my therapy!

I am very stubborn. This can be an asset but I am trying to learn that sometimes it's good thing to back down. .............. I'm working on it.

I am mother to 3 very energetic little boys, 2 dogs and 1 cat, so if I am not posting here I am probably changing a nappy, making a ham sandwhich, helping with homework, putting a child to bed, feeding a dog or taking a nap. ............. that is if I am not working.

One of the most magical experiences of my life was a moonlit horse ride around the Pyramids at Giza, when my parents were living in Cairo.  It all almost went pear shaped when one of the Horses bolted with my younger brother, then 8 yrs old, luckily an Egyptian Olympic showjumper was one of our riding compatriots and he rode to the rescue.

Lalique cuff via Diamonds and Rhubarb
In another life I would have been a Jewelry designer.

painting by me 2002
I have exhibited my paintings in New York, and although I haven't picked up a brush in a few years it is something I aspire to return to.

image from The Newyorker August 7 1995
I was a member of a Theatre Group in New York and acted in "Off Broadway" productions, for a while I thought I might follow this path but the lure of the visual would not succumb to a life of treading the boards.

image via indecorous taste
I love colour and am intrigued by colour theory, and while I use it continually in my work, introducing more into my own home and wardrobe is an ongoing project.

My Friends are incredibly important to me, I treasure them and hope they know it.

and the nominations are..............



  1. What a great post....LOVED IT!!! Laughed a little too...(3)...ohhhh at this stage it's an ASSET!!! Can't wait for more stories next year...

  2. hi i just seen your head pieces really beautiful, cheeky question, are you having a sale? because i bet i love the most expensive ones. is it possible to try them on somewhere, do you have a studio? thanks d

  3. Wow thanks so much for picking my blog. Best wishes in the New Year!

  4. thank you so much for the tag, Helen! pleased to "meet" you.

  5. It's always nice to read a little more about the people whose blogs you enjoy. Thanks for this, and for the tag! I'm also funny when it comes to color- I love using it in my work, but my wardrobe is mostly colorless!! Lauren

  6. Helen,

    What an inspiring read! The nuance is what is most captivating to me -- from the artistry of your creations to the exquisiteness of your 'eye,' tempered with a flair for the theatrical, your unabashed love of color to an appreciation for a story well told in describing a dramatic rescue attempt on a moonlit ride around the Pyramids of Giza -- magical, indeed.

    Wonderful to have met you this past year.

    Best wishes for more aesthetically enthralling adventures to come.

  7. EA Thank you for your ever eloquent words , and for the TAG. It has been the highlight of my blogging experience to come across, and connect with, such wonders as yourself
    A Happy and Glorious New Year to you and yours

  8. Helen, Your peripatetic childhood, growing up surrounded by art, horseback riding around the Pyramids and your divine talent as a painter, photographer and writer have me gasping...
    Amazing list from an obviously amazing woman. So happy to know you virtually! xx

  9. Only seven and all seven so full of intrigue. I feel we could be instant friends, locking stubborn, yet colorful horns!
    thanks for the tagging-

  10. You're so welcome PVE, hee hee yes I am sure you are right x

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