Sunday, February 21

Small apartment, Brooklyn

Having only 178 sq ft of space has not stopped this 25 yr old New Yorker from thinking big in terms of design. Following on the "more is more" ethos of design he has outfitted his Brooklyn apartment on the budget of an apprentice with the panache of a connoisseur.  The key to the success of this apartment is he has treated each corner as an individual tableux. Everything is considered.

Rather than de-clutter he has filled every available inch with a possession, but every piece is carefully placed and arranged into "collections".


I particularly love the backsplash in the kitchen; planks from Home Depot stained with green wood stain and varnished with yacht varnish. Although he says he doesn't cook in the apartment as he can't live with the lingering food odours.

The red chair $10 from an upstate antique store adds a welcome pop of colour in the office area.

all images NY Times 

A bold cobalt blue in the bathroom.
Now while living in this limited amount of space is not preferential. This youngster shows you that with a little commitment and imagination it doesn't have to be dull, sparse or dingy.
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  1. I love the color palette! Very classic yet still bright! The desk is gorgeous! Very nice job.
    Thanks Helen,
    Frank @

  2. I love it too. Very full of personality. I love his bowl of ties!!

  3. i know who knew ties in a bowl could look like that!!



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