Tuesday, February 16

Alba Rohrwacher by Peter Lindbergh

For me the best photographs tell a story. I was captivated when I came across this series of 
photographs of Italian Actress Alba Rohrwacher by Photographer Peter Lindbergh  
taken for Italian Vogue.
I know nothing about Alba Rohrwacher but these images make me want to find out more.

All images by Peter Linbergh

She looks a little like Cate Blanchett in some of the images. 
They have a 1920's overtone, an era I return to again and again for inspiration, there is also a sense of a Greek tragedy; the poses, the clothing and headbands.   
Lindbergh is another photographer who studied Fine Art before picking up the camera, don't you think he treats his subject  like a classical statue in some of these images; 1, 2, 4 and 8 particularly.

Lindbergh may be best known for his more overtly sexual images of The Supermodels in the 80's and 90's but as you can see his portfolio is so much more than that.
Visit his website to discover more.


  1. These are so wonderful and yes very 1920's. something conjures up a proper British Lady off on a forgotten weekend. Thanks for sharing these- is this a recent, current? Italian Vogue.

  2. LA they are from Vogue Italia Mar 2009. glad you like them x



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