Sunday, February 14

House in the south of France

I am lucky enough to have spent one Christmas in this house in Auzon, in the south of France.

It is owned by wonderful friends of mine and they rent it out every summer.

It sleeps 8 people and is simply beautiful and extremely spacious.
There are many great small French market towns nearby, Hetty and I did some wonderful excursions to them. The kind of markets that are filled with junk, bric a brac and treasures, depending on your own discretion as to what falls into each category.
It is close to Montpelier
If you would like more info drop me an email


  1. That place is lovely. Me thinks I could use that for a few days right about now.

  2. Photoshoot location maybe...???? We could all go...

  3. I like it!!!! Who will sponsor us?

  4. hmmmmmmm? could come to me in a dream........



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