Friday, February 19

Red lips and black boots

The Perfect Boots, perfect Jeans and the perfect red lipstick. All eternal quests of modern woman.
Yesterday I came across the perfect Red Lipstick. In my mind when I smoothed that rouge onto my lips I was transformed into this.

Kate Winslet for Lancome

Yes, that was in my mind.........The colour was Lancome 116 or was it 161?  I can't remember because it was a limited edition and they had none left in stock! Argh, annoying! I ventured from counter to counter in the make up department trying to match my lips to another colour but couldn't. I feel I may have to mix my own.

But all was not lost ..... I did come across the perfect black boot. I encountered this piece of perfection in the ever beautiful boutique, Smock in Dublin 2.

Just the right amount of attitude but still ladylike enough to wear with a frilly dress.
They are made by Acne  
Soon they will be mine!
Have a great weekend

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