Thursday, February 4

Oil and Wellingtons

photo by Helen James

Up in Dublin yesterday I came across these beautiful Oils in Fallon & Byrne. I was initially drawn to the packaging, but then I read the labels......... avocado oil? Pecan oil? em.... roasted Pistachio oil!, along with many others including Roasted Walnut, Sesame and Truffle infused oils. I am sure any of these would add instant panache to some salad leaves.

They are made in France by "La Tourangelle , an artisan producer of the finest quality oils" according to their website, which is beautiful, by the way and they also have recipes.


 I didn't purchase any and am regretting that time I will.
However I also saw these........

on sale in Brown Thomas for €15 reduced from €50.
So while Roasted Pistachio Oil could be considered a luxury, in my life wellington boots are a must have! I do of course already own a pair but they are old lacklustre soggy green wellies and a girl needs to feel good while she is shovelling manure into the Roses, so, I decided a pair of these, at this bargain price was definetely in order. But which colour? I like the yellow but not sure, what looks like red in the photograph was actually more of a pink, no didn't want the pink, black a bit dull, blue? yes the blue are nice, a bit different but not so much as to have the Farmer sniggering and calling me a  city slicker blow in, ( which he would have every right to do ) so Blue  it was ! 

They have a bit more shape than a regular wellie and are ever so comfy, watch out weeds I am getting prepared. 


  1. Snap! I have those wellies in the reddish-pink. One red and one yellow would look good too...

  2. Those oils look fantastic! I wonder if they carry them in the states? I will have to look into that.
    Oh and those boots? Love them! My husband bought me a pair of Navy Hunter boots for Christmas but they were back ordered! I'm still waiting for them..rainy muddy march is coming!

  3. Hi Helen, loving the blog! x

  4. Those oils are divine, They look like bath oils!! Avocado oil I have at home, very good for you!! And those wellies. I wish the range in Australia was half as good as that!! not really the market for it...

  5. Helen, thank you for sharing the lovely oils with planning a trip to Dub v soon and of course to F&B so will find them..yum. AND, I wanted those wellies when I saw them before xmas but couldn't justify since i already own a few pair so am delighted to see the irresistable price now-gracias! xx

  6. Slipped over from Errant Aesthete. I've used truffle and walnut oils to very good effect and the bottles last years. (Try frying an egg in walnut oil or mixing mashed potatoes with truffle oil, or......)



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