Thursday, May 27

Chelsea Flower Show and The Gore Hotel

Truly friends are a wonderous thing
The Daily Telegraph garden winner of this years Best in Show

Today I am off to London to attend
This has been a dream of mine for so long
On Dec 25th I opened an envelope from a dearest friend......
So Today we both fly off to London to look at all that is new and wonderful in the world
of horticulture.

images from The Gore Hotel website

and if that wasn't enough..........
my gang of ladies who keep me sane here in the depths of middle Ireland 
pooled together to buy us a night in 
The first time I set foot in this place I vowed I would one day
Lie my silken locks upon their feather pillows for a night.
I was in London for a designer Showcase in the 
Irish Embassy and was tagging along with the girls from 
Tatler Magazine who were staying there. 
Then Lisa from A Bloomsbury life 
did a post which included her stay here and how she loved it
I was further compelled 
So Now this weekend I get not 1 but 2 of my wishes!!!
Then Sunday I am off to NYC again for a month!
And to think in April I was wondering what to do with myself!



  1. I remembered that post from Lisa and put it on my list......I am so envious!! Enjoy and report back =). Positively divine. xx

  2. This is a hotel? Looks fabulous. Like Imen, I'm looking for a report back.

  3. So beautiful and cozy, what a great retreat for sleeping and reading.

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