Friday, May 14

Simon Watson

I have been meaning to post about my friend
for some time.
And now seems like the perfect time 
as he is one of my oldest friends and based in NYC.
When I first moved to NYC in 1993 
I slept on his floor for 3 weeks
and he set me up with my first NY job 
working for an interior designer friend of his.

All images by Simon Watson

In Ireland we knew he was a great guy
and a good friend 
what we didn't know was,
he was such a great talent.
For that, as is often the case......he had to leave.

 I look forward to hanging out with my old friend in NYC again.
This time I won't be sleeping on his floor.

Have a great weekend


  1. Stunning portrait, capturing that much in the classic format is brilliant. I would love to see more of his portraits. pgt

  2. LA if you click on the link you can view many more amazing images

  3. Helen -Thanks for the beautiful, interesting post
    Enjoy NYC
    Helen Tilston

  4. Simon P Watson is a legend!

  5. this is so funny, and i hope i am not looking like a stalker now. Have just got back from Paris where i was shooting with Simon. What i great guy. Had a great time, can't wait to see the story. Am meant to be writing it up RIGHT NOW! x Rita

  6. Rita !!! HA!
    Simon is the best !!!
    Do let me know when the piece is ready !



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