Wednesday, May 26

Limerick school of Art and Design

Last week I had the honour of judging the 
Limerick School of Art and Design
Final year Fashion Students.
The standard was incredible.
Truly I was blown away by the innovation
and craftsmanship of the pieces.

I want to say a HUGE congratulations
to ALL the students.

I was armed only with my iphone 
so here are some, not so great, snaps.

And the winning collection by Sarah Melody

Oh these images do not do the collections justice.

Such Talent.
The question is what do the 31 students do now?
The reality is when I left college back in 1992
Emigrating was pretty much taken for granted.
There were no jobs in Ireland for a textile design graduate.
 During the last 15 years maybe more people stayed here?
Now, I think people will be off again.
Graduates often ask me about what they should do when they leave college.
They want to set up a label 
They want to design a collection
My advice is always to gain experience working for someone else
before embarking on a solo career
There are things that can only be learned through experience in a workplace
and for that the opportunities in Ireland exist but are minimal.

Whatever the 2010 graduates decide to do I wish them all the best of luck and urge them
to hold on to their sense of humour.

Some more images from the show

ps I have not included all the collections because
a) there were 31
b) not all the photo's are usable


  1. Wow, some real talent there! And you are a purveyor of very sound advice Helen. If you can manage an internship'll be better off. That's my experience in tv/film production can only learn from the ground up! Either that or Project Runway!! xoxox

  2. i meet two final year students this year at kerry fashion weekend. Orla O'Connor (knitwear) and catherine mc carthy (worked with sharon wacuob) i think, both seriously talented girls. Sorry i didn't actually get to see the show myself. 31! where will they all go is rite!

  3. Stunning designs. The world welcomes these talented designers. Such classy/classic garments.
    Wishing them much success. Thanks for sharing Helen



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