Tuesday, May 18

Dapper Folk and Hazel Lavery

When I came across this self portrait by 
Sir William Orpen
Painted in 1910
It immediately struck me that this dapper fellow should in fact be 
gracing the screen of  
His outfit is so up to date 

In fact it is not simply the outfit but also the stance...very modern.

The Andalusian, painted by 
James Whistler in 1888
could be on her way to 

This painting by Sir John Lavery 
could be a society portrait 
in the current issue of Vogue, were it a photo instead of an Oil Painting.

Lavery was an Irish Artist and I have long been captivated by him 
but more enthralling than Sir John, was his wife
Lady Hazel Lavery

One of the most beautiful women of her time she was reported to have been
loved by many important men 
including some lascivious rumours involving Michael Collins.
I first came across her, like many others as the mystical 
and serene lady who graced the Irish currency until the 1970's

and was then relegated to the watermark of our currency 
until we converted to Euro's 
a few years ago.
This is probably the most famous portrait John Lavery painted 
of his wife, though he did reputedly paint over 400.
I am intrigued to learn more about this lady 
That is why I have just ordered this book
from Amazon

and as I like to immerse myself in a world once I first dip my toe 
I think as soon as I am finished I shall have to order this too


  1. I was just thinking about Lady Lavery on the weekend and wanted to know more about her. This is well-timed!

  2. Lady Lavery is truly beautiful. Thanks for the lead on the book
    Helen Tilston

  3. loved the book about Lady Hazel - the portrait of her in the Nat'l Gallery has always been a favourite - such a knowing look in her eyes...

  4. I always wondered who the lovely lady on our currency was when I was younger. Thank you for reminding me to learn more about her. I may have to join you in ordering these books!

  5. Beautiful lady. Alluring paintings.

  6. Always wonderful to make a new acquaintance. The fact that her face graced Irish currency is a tribute in itself. I shall relish getting to
    know her. Thank you.

  7. Sir John Lavery is my great great uncle :) to bad i suck at art lol



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