Tuesday, May 11

so good they named it twice.................

 I love it! ......
New York New York....
As the song goes 
and it's true I do 
That is why I am so excited to let you know

I am moving back!!
It's a huge undertaking with husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat 
This is not like the last time I emigrated to New york 1n 1993
with $500 in my pocket and a one way ticket

One step at a time though we will get there
and I will take you along for the ride

So this post is all about NY apartments
New Yorkers are obsessed
with their apartments
Rent control 
(where the landlord can only raise your rent a minimal amount each year...more on this later)
School catchment area

Are all HOT topics, 
so I had a fountain of knowledge to dip into amoungst my host compatriots
on all things to do with apartment searching.
Think I have found somewhere but will keep you posted
Meanwhile here are a few I have seen 
that whetted my appetite


I like this "Neo country" in Brooklyn.
A little to modern and sparse for me though.

images from New York Magazine

I like this Greenwich Village apartment of Designer Rita Konig
a little too flowery though..



I'd take the dog and the apartment......... this one is in 
Williamsburg though...... not for me

But This one in Cobble Hill would be just right

I like the location
Good schools
Period features
Quite spacious looking
LOVE the floors
Homey but not too frou frou
Modern but not minimalist
......... only 1 bedroom........there's always a snag
That and the fact that its not for rent!!!
Which one would you live in?


  1. I knew it!!!!!!!!! That is brilliant news Helen!!! Why do I have a feeling I will be meeting you...NOT in Ireland, but in NY?!! Wow. Good for you. Have fun with your adventure!!!!!!! xx

  2. I'm Over the moon for you, you will find a great space.
    All of my best wishes,

  3. Happy for your career - sad for your Irish friends

  4. Hi helen, what great news...congrats!! How did I know???
    I'm here till the 28th. I will ring.

  5. Wow. This is exciting. So many more doors to be opened for you both there...i can imagine. Best of luck and i am sure you will be dearly missed.

    Cobble hill or neo country for me!

  6. Yes Imen I think you are right, Tea and sympathy? pastisse? or maybe a new discovery!! I look forward to it.
    debra Lisa EJ =Thank you
    Emma -I will misss you all sooo much
    Murad -Yes obviously

  7. Sounds exciting, and challenging.
    Have you looked at realtor.com ?
    It would be so nice if you could locate a good realtor...even if you plan to rent, there should be someone to help you, send photos and answer questions.
    Another option might be to house sit for someone that is going to be out of the city for awhile???!!
    Do you have a home in Ireland that you could swap for home in NY? web site for that.
    Make lists,
    Maybe there is some sort of referral service for help in getting settled in N.Y.
    It was wonderful and a challenge for my family to move abroad many years ago.
    I am sure that you will do fabulous::)))))

  8. i can't believe i am in this!! I like the one you chose but the blocked up fireplace!?!??!? That would be deal breaker for me....However, i am so pleased to be featured on your blog and such a lovely surprise to come across it. x Rita

  9. Rita, How lovely to have you here!
    Yes blocked up fireplace is a minus but one can't be TOO picky in NYC!



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