Friday, April 27

Christ Church Cathedral Tiles

The other night I was in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin at an event
I was struck by the incredible encaustic tiles on the floor
I have been to Christ Church before
but somehow had forgotten the beauty of the tiles
The above geometric patterns were my favourite but the animal representations
 are quite famous and popular



I would love to tile my kitchen floor
These tiles are quite costly
but they will last a lifetime, actually longer than a lifetime

Love this patchwork floor from HERE

and this one from HERE 

They are also used a lot in hallways
 image from Architect Design

was thinking these more geometric ones from
 Abbergavenny reclamation
for my kitchen floor?

one day !


  1. Hello Helen

    These tiles are so unique and thank you for bringing them to our attention. I have learned something new, I did not know about encaustic tiles, a complex and patient procedure. (I paint in encaustic- beeswax and oil)

    I hope you install them one day and that they will bring joy for centuries to come.

    Another great post Helen.

  2. Helen I adore encaustic works of art! These tiles are stunning! Thank you so much for sharing!

    2012 Artist Series Feature on Anita Rivera, Designer & Paper Artist, with her Giveaway on my site!

    Art by Karena

  3. jane and lance , welcome and thank you for your kind words

    helen, yes I have painted with encaustic, which is beautiful although somewhat difficult to work with although I am sure you are a master !

    Karena, x

  4. Too funny ... I also was in Christ Church the other night spending quite a lot of my time thinking about how the tiles would translate in my house. Was noticing too that the detail of the foxy friars has been applied to the backs of the chairs in the Cathedral. Lovely to know more about the technique used to make the tiles. Thank you!

  5. Eithne, yes i saw that,
    they are truly stunning,
    maybe we will run into each other there again x

  6. Tiles, undoubtedly, add to the grandiose of every church built. The animal representation tiles are truly interesting. It must’ve made the environment all the more historic. Plus, even though there are numerous designs, I can say that, overall, they are all in harmony. You seem pretty enthusiastic with tiles, Helen. Well, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as you are a designer. He-he.

    Alana Geikie



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