Saturday, April 14

Country Garden

When I left my garden in 2010 to go to NY, It was looking like this 

When I returned in 2011, It looked like this

Clearly things were in need of attention!
I thought a lot about what to do,
start again?..... but there were so many plants in there
dig everything out ?.... where would I put them , would they survive?
In the end I decided
to divide the bed into sections and tackle a patch at a time

So I have been using the beautiful weather we have been having in Ireland 
as the perfect opportunity to get stuck in 

Digging out the path
-above I have laid the first lot of sand over the soil 

laying the path

and more path
The paving slabs are recycled from my Mum

I also moved a lot of plants 
splitting them in half or transplanting

I acquired some new ones too

nasturtiums, Lobelia, sweet pea
waiting to be planted 

Delphiniums, Lupins, and sage all waiting to be planted

I buy most of my plants from a local gardener
he propogates everything himself....... but never knows what colour the flowers will be
So, it is a bit of a pot luck
The delphiniums he says are white to pale blue
The Lupins you can tell by their stem if they will be pale or dark
(pale having a green stem ,dark having a reddish tinge)
so It is a bit of an experiment
but that's ok
My garden will be the kind of garden that it won't matter 
I also moved things to add a little bit of formality 
like planting Alchemilla Mollis all around the edge of the path

image via Here

I want it to billow over and soften the edges 
and repeat planting the same species 
Things look better en masse 
A garden is always a work in progress
Here is some of my inspiration

Image via escapade

Image via house to home

Lots of colour , and variety but a little more structure 
thats the plan

This Gentleman's garden is one of my absolute favourites a real inspiration

I will show you some updates over the season


  1. Make sure that you tamp your slabs down well by putting some wood on them and tapping it with a hammer otherwise they will work loose. Also, what about some lawn chamomile?

  2. thanks smudge, yes i have to brush in the mortar yet, waiting until all is done

  3. A big job; however it will be worth it!!

    The garden you have planned out will be perfectly lovely!

    Art by Karena

  4. These are my absolute favourite kinds of gardens... completely overabundant and unformal. I can't wait to see your progress!

  5. You have your work cut out, but I love the inspiration shots. reminds me of my English granny Sally's garden with all those lovely foxgloves and a big stinky compost pile in the back

  6. Alan I have my own stinky compost heap too !! just not in shot!

  7. All I will say is: Can there be lilacs? Ha! My heart went out to you Helen upon seeing the 2011 shot, Gosh, I remember seeing the first photo and recall thinking how much I'd loooooove all those gorgeous, wildly growing flowers...
    I can relate as I generally leave for America each July having sowed. planted and TLC'd veg/flowers/herbs, but when I return they've been dreadfully neglected. {I think it is way for my family to tell me I shouldn't go to USA so much} This year we will be here until the end of July and when we leave, come hell or high water, I will make sure someone is realllllly looking after everything because it's awful coming back to that!
    I wish you the best of success on resurrecting your have a beautiful slate to work with and probably lots of things that have yet to show their beautiful petals. When am I coming over? xx

  8. Imen - when are you free??
    yes i love Lilacs , haven't added any yet , although I do have a buddlehia ..... a poor man's lilac



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