Friday, April 20

Dana Tanamachi

Wouldn't it be fun to reply
"chalk Letterer"
when asked at a party 
"what do you do?"
Well, that is exactly what Dana Tanamachi can say

I love the idea of a backdrop for your wedding pics 

found via  HERE

visit website  Dana Tanamachi


  1. Big fan. Big fan. Absolute brilliance. Have had the house stencilled up ever since I copped onto her from the O mag a few months back. Farmer thinks I'm a lunatic with everything in big blazin' letters! LOVE HER. And love you more for this post!!!!!!! xx

  2. These are gorgeous! Having created a chalkboard in my kitchen I have realised my complete lack of ability to write beautifully on the surface (despite my normally neat writing) so I greatly admire her talent! There is something so rustic and creative about pretty chalkboards. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. I know Anna compelling, I also attempted to "Tanamachi" my chalkboard, the great thing is it's very forgiving though , make a mistake and simply wipe it and correct, clearly Dana is incredibly talented



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