Monday, April 30

Peter Reinhart bagels

Homemade Bagels!
I love a good bagel
toasted, chewy, doughy goodness
In NYC ...... not a problem, nip out walk for 30 seconds,
order bagel
..... In the middle of Ireland
...... well, not so easy
so after seeing these pictures last week 
I couldn't wait to get stuck in and try my hand at making my own 
The results were delicious

This is a Peter Reinhart recipe
It is not difficult  
it is time consuming,
although, worth it!

You could double the batch and freeze the majority
which I would highly recommend
 I didn't have any poppy or sesame seeds in house so I sprinkled 
sunflower seeds, 
just for decoration.
I recommend an egg wash before baking and after boiling
even if you are not sprinkling seeds, 
as it makes the surface glossy and brown

This recipe makes 8 large bagels 
next time i think i would make 10 slightly smaller ones 
I followed this version of the recipe 
but there is a great version here with step by step pictures 

I will add the note that my dough was not shiny and did not pass the window pane test
it was lumpy and ugly but I carried on and made the balls of dough 
and the end result was pretty great although it did take more than 20 mins of prooving for them to pass the float test , more like 40 mins 

good luck and let me know how you get on 


  1. Hello Helen:
    These look absolutely delicious and we are certain that we should really enjoy them. But as for following the receipt, that is another matter altogether. In the kitchen, which we seldom enter, we are complete incompetents and looking at this we do, fortunately, recognise our limitations.

  2. j & L hattatt- it really is not difficult just time consuming, give it a try you might surprise yourself

  3. As you lived in NY it will Not Shock you to know that we've never actually used the Over, per se - so baking unlikely - but yes, the bagel-ness-of-ny is excellent (we get a whole wheat, not toasted, just a smidge of cream cheese, en route to the 1 subway and eat it at our desk upon arrival when the cream cheese has settled into the doughiness quite delightfully)

    Did you spend any time in LA? We loved that cafe/grocery store in the mart at malibu that had the bagels Flown In from NY each morning to satisfy the cravings of transplanted-to-the-OtherCoast celebs ;)



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