Friday, December 4

The Brides Cafe and Yell Softly

photo from The Brides Cafe

Check out the lovely post on the Florica Headpieces over on The Brides Cafe today.
The Brides Cafe is a site about all things Bridal run by the incredibly talented Florist Janie Medley.
I love the features on Real Life Brides, those Brides Cafe Ladies are a beautiful and talented lot.
There is also another chance to win a headpiece! So, hop on over there and leave a comment .

Also Thank you so much to Sariah over at Yellsoftly for the lovely feature.
I love her suggestions of pairing a headpiece with these two outfits.




photos courtesy of via Yellsoftly


  1. Oh yes, that second dress is particular is a lovely pairing for your headpieces - it creates an intriguingly bleak chic look.

  2. Love those two dresses. I can just imagine myself in them, going somewhere pretty, where everyone looks chic.



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