Monday, December 21

Wreaths, Snow and Thank you's

Looking for a circle to make a wreath out of I came across these in Penney's.

Priced at €6 , they are silver and white balls on wire.
So I purchased a few and played with them, adding eucalyptus leaves, fir, pinecones and bells as that was what I had to hand.


I wove the branches around the circle and then wrapped the wire around the leaves to keep them in place adding a red and white gingham ribbon. I wanted a Gustavian looking wreath.


Here it is hanging on the chimney breast in the Living Room.
I do like wreaths indoors.

and on the front door

.............and we got snow this weekend, everything looks so pretty.

The garden, which was looking worse for winter wear, has a sprinkling of Christmas dust. 

The back field

The wall with the pampas grass hmmm those Pampas fronds would be lovely in the wreaths.


and quite by chance this festive combination of Silver Birch, Green Shrub and Red Dogwood.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of YOU.
To those of you who have left comments and sent me encouraging emails, to the veteran bloggers who stop by and whisper reassuring words, You gladden my heart.
To all of you who believed enough to become "followers", and to those of you who wish to stay silent and watch from the corners of your world.
I have enjoyed this journey so much so far and look forward to even more fabulous experiences and posts in 2010.


  1. No doubt the idea of pulling apart things like this are ideal-especially in your hands. I think wreaths add an instant holiday feel to rooms, yours especially, I love the softness of your wreaths. Enjoy your holidays. GT

  2. I love your pink door. So beautiful with your snowy wreaths. Lauren

  3. That was a nice feature on your work in the Irish Times, and the headpiece illustrated looked great. I love your wreath and doorbell!

  4. So lucky to have a white Christmas!!! The boys must be thrilled!! Love to everyone......I miss you!!!

  5. Thanks guys,
    Thanks MIse yes was nice, more images from that shoot to come.
    SS missing you too

  6. 'Keep calm and carry on,' it says a lot about the sort of lady you are my dear. You have lovely taste, a beautiful home and tons of talent.
    Every happiness to you and yours this season and in the year to come.
    Warmest regards,

  7. Thank you RQL, I would like to think so , and much happiness to you also x



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