Friday, December 11

A little cottage grows up

Lately I have been feeling a little less like this

Images Dave Coote Interiors

And a little more like this

Top image VOGUE living,  via newlyweds

Now while I love the first two images I am just a bit jaded of all the white chipped paint in my own home.
It's time for something a little more grown up and polished. Something warmer with more pattern and colour.
I live in a hundred year old Irish Farmhouse Cottage and not a Georgian  Mansion and while I would love high ceilings and elaborate plasterwork I must work with what I have and I can do nothing with the actual structure, The changes will have to be about furnishings, paintwork and other details.
Here are some of the changes I have made
I have added these cushions to the vintage brown leather sofa.

The front one is from IKEA, the Jack Russell  tapestry is from a local Interior shop but you can get great ones at a great price from This ETSY Shop.
The large cushions I had made from fabric I bought at a Local shop that sells Remnants. I think it is by Designers Guild, maybe one of you know?.

I also bought this fabroc from the same Remnants shop. (now sadly closed down)

This will be a curtain across a doorway that leads off the living room. It is called Poppies by G P & J Baker.
I purchased these curtains from IKEA

I am really loving stripes at the moment. I would have liked something a little wider but you can't beat the price so for now this will suffice .

And this is the little chair that was to feature in the "before and after" I wrote about in this post


Covered the seat in the same fabric as the above cushions.

and here is that Bug Print I bought in London framed in an IKEA frame.

I think the frame cost €10 so including the print this was approx €26, looks good, no?.

There are quite a few more bits and pieces I would like to do but, baby steps, and with Christmas heading our way faster than I care to think about they may just have to wait.


  1. Love the post.....can you come to my house??? I need help!

  2. What is the story that calls us from neutral to color? At a newly turned 60, I can't get enough pattern, color, a more cluttered than curated space. You might enjoy Janice Lindsay's "All About Color". Fascinating read, I thought.



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