Tuesday, December 15

Mannin Studio

Top of my Christmas wish list is a gold chain, a serious gold chain........ and on the top of that list is this chain by Mannin Studio which comes apart to create a separate chain and bracelet

One day last year I was flicking through American Vogue when this incredible piece of jewellry caught my eye.

Imagine my surprise when, on continued reading I discovered it was made by a very good friend who had re-located to LA. We had lost touch and I was thrilled to see the incredible things Suzanne was doing and also that I had a way to contact her again.

The ethos of Mannin Studio is entirely sustainable. There are two collections "Classic" which is made entirely using recycled clean gold and "Signature"  which is made using antique and heirloom pieces restructured to become modern heritage pieces.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

Top of the pile this carved bogwood cameo from the Signature collection dated 1870 on victorian bead chain.

Love the juxtaposition of the soft bog oak with the little gold beads

Then for my ears these gold and jet bead earrings also from the Signature collection, see the little fob closures, beautiful.

This handcarved horn, from 1870 bracelet in my stocking, yes please!

Or this recycled 18K gold, 20 inch chain from the Classic collection

Everyone is talking about "Investment pieces" and you can't get much more "Investment" than this. Pieces that have a history and a future.
Mannin Studio Jewelry is stocked in Ikram, Chicago, Barneys, New York and  Roseark in west Hollywood
Luckily, there is an online shop coming soon.

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  1. yes the cameo stopped me, but the carved horn bracelet knocks me out-how utterly modern. Can not wait to see what else is there! la

  2. Yes, every woman needs a serious gold necklace, and I love the cameo. By the way, I'm a big fan of The Remains of the Day as well, and I thought it was striking that the film was such a faithful representation of the book, which was possible because of its simple cinematic qualities. It certainly bears rereading.

  3. MISE- That is one of my favourites without a doubt, another is The French Lieutenants Woman, although in this case the film is dreadful but the book is truly captivating.



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