Thursday, December 17

V&A Headpiece delivery

Here's a peek at a headpiece which was a special order for a shop, rushed through and popped in post today.
This is an adaptation on a style I designed last year. The customer wanted 3 the same, made smaller than the previous style.


They are made with silk, cotton, silk chiffon, lace and velvet ribbon with some beading detail.
The design was inspired by Victorian dresses and embroideries I saw in the V&A

Image via V&A Museum

Like this one from 1885

image via V&A Museum
and this one from 1890.

It is the sense of opulence and abundance I was trying to capture. I like the idea of wearing something so bursting with detail as an accessory with a really simple dress.
I am thinking I will make some more for Florica


  1. The headpiece is glorious and your site is lovely.
    Warmest regards,

  2. Helen the head piece is glorious.
    Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday.


  3. fetching! like the idea of smaller-can you say what colors? is this one a pure black or a loden? not sure. great interpretation of the dress-just enough! GT

  4. Debra- and to you and all your family x

    Simone -Your blog is also beautiful, Thanks for stopping by

    Thanks LA -This is more of a black than a Loden, although there are variations in the black as there are different materials, You can see the velvet ribbon is the truest black. I will also be doing them in cream and Navy.

  5. This is fantastic...deconstructed Victorian! I love the juxtaposition of busy detail and monochromatic color. Lauren

  6. I love the headpiece! Your blog is constant inspiration!



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