Monday, December 7

Digital Woes of a "Before and After"

When I started this Blog I bought myself a Canon digital rebel Camera. My justification was that the best blogs all had high quality images and if I wanted to enter the blogosphere I had to do so on a par with what I considered to be excellent quality.
The camera arrived and I have since been playing with it and discovering it's capabilities, and my own. Ok, so I could read the instructions from cover to cover but who does that? So my policy is (maybe its a familiar policy to you) push buttons arbitrarily until you get desired affect, if all that fails and you have wasted hours fumbling and remaking the same mistake........THEN get out the instructions and try to discover the answer.

image from deviantArt 

There are so many positives to digital, speed and cost being two of the biggest , then editing and retouching, so yes I do love digital ...... BUT it also has negative sides!
I had taken some pictures of a little chair my Godmother had given me as a present. It was a  straightback chair with a cork seat. It was white with a very chipped shabby finish....... ie it was old and worn. I was all set to do my first "Before and After" post. This morning I placed the chair now glossy black with an upholstered seat and started snapping. Loaded the images into my computer only to discover............I have deleted the "Before" pictures! Boom, gone forever! So, no before pictures, I will battle through this Minor hiccup , You blog readers are a forgiving lot, you will understand, you are creative you can "Imagine" the before images right?
Back to snapping the "Afters" snap, snap, lighting not too good, I'll try that new "Slave Flash" that came with the camera......... batteries? steal them from the kids XBox controllers........ok, all set snap , snap, hmmmmm  change position of flash, snap, snap, no still not righ.....................!!!!!!!!!! What, where the.......... what the............. blank battery gone!
Not the end of the world you say but, well my battery charger is a US plug and I don't have an adapter and the pretty little town I live in doesn't sell them!!
So my lovely readers. My "Before and After" which will now just be an "After" will be coming "After" my trip to Dublin tomorrow where I will pick up an adapter and charge my battery and.......well you get the idea.
Don't forget The giveaway ends Tomorrow.


  1. Well, after all that, I'm looking forward to the After.

  2. i bet the wait until desired adapter arrives too is a killer! Doing some sllloooowwww chair renovations myself too, looking forward to see yours.



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